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About Sammy "D" - Technology



Cool-Pak system
Sammy "D" Fireplaces & Gas Piping exclusively offers leading cool-to-touch technology from Montigo.  Montigo leads the way in cool-to-touch fireplace manufacturing. This advanced technology reduces liability issues in commercial applications such as restaurants, hotel lobbies, casinos and spas. We can install Montigo’s Cool-Pak system in any custom fireplace, between the interior and exterior glass, keeping the exterior of the unit glass cool-to-touch.


CSA Certification
Each standard Montigo fireplace is manufactured, tested and certified to meet stringent CSA guidelines, ensuring optimum quality and safety. With Montigo’s on site CSA accredited lab even custom built fireplaces are tested to strict certification standards.



Unlimited installation Possibilities
Architects, designers and homeowners alike will appreciate the ability to feature fire in just about any location. With Montigo's proprietary power venting system and fireplace can be installed anywhere – even 550 feet away from the closest venting location!


Choice of Unit Burner Style
With most of our Traditional series Montigo fireplaces, you have the option of four different burn units. These include our Builder’s Log Set, Deluxe Log Set, Linear Burner and River Rock Burner.


Louvre Termination System

If you're designing a multi-unit building, you will appreciate Montigo's expertise in termination systems and especially their latest development – the Louvre Termination System. With this product there is no visible exterior venting!



Residential & Commercial Power Venting
Power venting is a great system that enables you to install a fireplace just about anywhere! You no longer need to locate your fireplace near an exterior wall or have a vertical chimney. You can locate your fireplace wherever you like, running venting in any direction with the assistance of fans to move the air through and eventually out of the building. With power venting, we are also able to increase the BTU of the fireplace to provide you with more flame than a non-power vented system.


Compact Installation Parameters
When it comes to installation, Montigo designs and engineers each fireplace to have the most compact installation parameters. This means less confining installation parameters behind the fireplace wall.


Rain & Wind Tested
Montigo designs and manufactures an extensive line of termination systems. They are always designed with aesthetics and function in mind. In addition to invisible louvered termination system for multi-unit commercial applications, Montigo is the only manufacturer with termination systems that have passed the Rain & Wind test, vitally important in wet, coastal regions such as the Pacific Northwest.